Best Horror of the Year Volume 7

Oh, I said I’d be back – and here I am already, like a bad penny . . . but I have news!

It’s always lovely to have a story picked for one of the annual Best Of short story anthologies. Fortunately, The Dog’s Home, a story I wrote for the first Spectral Book of Horror Stories, has been selected by the awesome Ellen Datlow for her Best Horror of the Year.


It wasn’t an easy story to write by any means, but at least I get to enjoy it appearing in not one but two rather lovely books. It’s especially nice that Rio Youers’ Spectral story, Outside Heavenly (which is wonderful), has also been selected.

The full line-up is:

The Atlas of Hell – Nathan Ballingrud           

Winter Children – Angela Slatter                            

A Dweller in Amenty – Genevieve Valentine        

Outside Heavenly – Rio Youers 

Shay Corsham Worsted – Garth Nix 

Allocthon – Livia Llewellyn

Chapter Six – Stephen Graham Jones

This is Not for You – Gemma Files

Interstate Love Song  (Murder Ballad No. 8) – Caitlín R. Kiernan

The Culvert – Dale Bailey   

Past Reno – Brian Evenson

The Coat Off His Back – Keris McDonald                                                       

The worms Crawl In – Laird Barron

The Dog’s Home – Alison Littlewood  

Tread Upon the Brittle Shell – Rhoads Brazos       

Persistence of Vision – Orrin Grey    

It Flows From the Mouth – Robert Shearman

Wingless Beasts – Lucy Taylor

Departures – Carole Johnstone  

Ymir – John Langan  

Plink – Kurt Dinan   

Nigredo – Cody Goodfellow

I’ll leave you with a picture of the cover layout, which is looking particularly splendid, and makes me even happier. I shall return soon. More news looms. 🙂

Best New Horror 7


A Cold Silence

A Cold Silence

Acapulcalypse Now

Acapulcalypse Now

The Unquiet House

The Unquiet House

Path of Needles

Path of Needles

A Cold Season

A Cold Season