Book Publishers

Black Shuck Books – publishing the peculiar since 2015.

Jo Fletcher Books – fantasy, horror and SF from Quercus.

Newcon Press – an independent genre publisher.

PS Publishing – an independent genre publisher.

Quercus – the home of Quercus Publishing.

Titan Books – awesome genre bookiness.



Magazines, Ezines, Anthologies, Audio

Black Static – Literary dark fiction from TTA press. Also see Crimewave and Interzone.

Cemetery Dance – World Fantasy Award winning magazine of horror, dark mystery and suspense.

Future Fire – speculative fiction and dark fantasy.

Hersham Horror – horror anthology publisher.

Not One Of Us – character-oriented dark fantasy.

Shadows and Tall Trees – flagship publication of Canadian publisher Undertow.

Nightmare magazine – horror and dark fantasy.

The Dark – quarterly dark fiction.



Simon Bestwick – author of The Faceless.

Ray Cluley – Probably Monsters…

Paul Finch – crime author extraordinaire.

Paul Kane – Shadow Writer.

Ian Littlewood – my brother’s photo showcase.

Gary McMahon – author of The Concrete Grove and other fine novels.

Willie Meikle – ten novels published to date.

Mark Morris – horror and thriller writer.

Marie O’Regan – writer, editor and anthologist.

Brian G. Ross – humour, horror and mystery…

Priya Sharma – loveliest lady in horror.

Rob Shearman – Zany. Creative. Wonderful.

Peter Tennant – non-fiction editor at TTA press and all round good egg.

Simon Kurt Unsworth – author of The Devil’s Detective.

Stephen Volk – creator of the BBCTV Halloween hoax Ghostwatch and movie The Awakening.

Luke Walker – author of The Red Girl and Mirror of the Nameless.

Mark West – speculative fiction writer.

Conrad Williams – author of Loss of Separation, One and other great novels.



British Fantasy Society – publisher of Dark Horizons and New Horizons.

Nanowrimo – the organised November novel writing riot.

On Writing by Stephen King – one of the best books about writing there is.

The Reading Lists – book-themed interviews with people from all walks of life.

A Cold Silence

A Cold Silence

Acapulcalypse Now

Acapulcalypse Now

The Unquiet House

The Unquiet House

Path of Needles

Path of Needles

A Cold Season

A Cold Season