Short Stories

A Curious Cartography is a short story collection available now from Black Shuck Books. Tales of dark lore, inescapable hauntings, peculiar beasts, strange birds and mysterious happenings from across the known world and beyond…

In the Wabe is in The Best Horror of the Year #15

The Operculum Necklace is in Parsec In Print

The Flowering is a micro-collection, published as one of Black Shuck Books’ popular Shadows series. It features six short stories, all set in the Victorian era: The Zoetrope, The Marvellous Talking Machine, Meet Me at the Frost Fair, The Ballad Box, The Winter Tree and The Flowering.

A House the Size of Me is in The Other Side of Never

The Snow Child is in Isolation

The Same as the Air is in Best New Horror #31

The Light You Can Hear is in Songs of the Northern Seas

Jenny Greenteeth is in The Mammoth Book of Folk Horror

Swanskin is in Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror

Let’s Dance is in No More Heroes

Words is in Bitter Distillations

The Marvellous Talking Machine is in Best New Horror #30

Swanskin is in After Sundown

The Zoetrope is online at The Dark

The Merrie Dancers is in Cursed

Eat Me, Drink Me is in Wonderland

The July Girls is in Echoes: The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories

The Hungry Ghosts – Shadows & Tall Trees 8

The Goddess of the Rain – Dark and Stormy Nights

The Same as the Air – Ten Word Tragedies

Down in the Dendrons – The Book of Flowering

The Entertainment Arrives – Best New Horror #29

The Marvellous Talking Machine – Phantoms: Haunting Tales from Masters of the Genre

The Entertainment Arrives – Year’s Best Weird Fiction 5

The Headland of Black Rock – This Dreaming Isle

White Feathers – Best New Horror Volume 28

The Halloween Monster – The Mammoth Book of Halloween Stories

The Entertainment Arrives – Darker Companions

The Boggle Hole – New Fears

The Adventure of the Avid Pupil – Sherlock Holmes’s School for Detection

The Ballad Box – Murder Ballads

The Orphan Bird – Black Feathers

Meet Me at the Frost Fair – A Midwinter Entertainment

Meet Me at the Frost Fair – Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2017

The Dog’s Home – Best Horror of the Year: Volume 7

WITH AUDIO: Wolves and Witches and Bears – Nightmare Magazine

WITH AUDIO: Waiting for the Light – Nightmare Magazine

The View from the Basement – The Hyde Hotel

On Ilkley Moor – Best British Horror 2015

The Mystery of the Red City – The Mammoth Book of Sherlock Holmes Abroad

A Legion of Echoes – Postscripts 32/33 Far Voyager.

One Nameless Thing, a novella – Whispers in the Dark: A Cthulhu Anthology.

Zombie vs. Zombi – Zombie Apocalypse! Endgame

On Ilkley Moor – Terror Tales of Yorkshire

That’s the Way To Do It – Beside the Seaside

Bluebeard’s Child – Black Apples

Two stories, The Discord of Being and The Eyes of Water – The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 24

The Eyes of Water – The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2013

WITH AUDIO: In the Quiet and in the Dark – Far Fetched Fables #118

In the Quiet and in the Dark – The Best British Fantasy 2013

4 a.m. When the Walls are Thinnest – The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 10

The Soul Eaters of Raveloe – Resurrection Engines

The Art of Escapology – Magic anthology.

To Run Away, To Join the Circus – A Carnivale of Horror

Scairt – The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women

WITH AUDIO: Ways to Wake – Nightmare Magazine

On the Grey Road – Hauntings

About the Dark – The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #23

Like Suffolk, Like Holidays – Terror Tales of East Anglia

Black Feathers – Best Horror of the Year Vol 4

The Discord of Being – Where Are We Going?

The Winter Tree – a hand-crafted, limited edition chapbook from White Noise Press

In the Quiet and in the Dark – Terror Tales of the Cotswolds

The Bright Penny – Four for Fear

The Lips of Every Sleeper – Twisted Histories

The Ghost at the Feast – Horror Uncut

In On The Tide – Never Again

About the Dark – Black Static #25

Black Feathers – Black Static #22

WITH AUDIO: The Empty Spaces – Tales to Terrify

The Empty Spaces –Black Static #16

The Deep Walker – Black Static #7

The Devil’s Tavern – Read by Dawn 3

WITH AUDIO: 4 a.m. When the Walls are Thinnest – Tales to Terrify #20

4 a.m. When the Walls Are Thinnest – Crimewave #11