My Personal Reading List

The Reading Lists is a terrific website which interviews people from many walks of life about the books that are important to them. Writers are included of course, and you can find my own interview here.

It’s been great fun delving deep and remembering why Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales were so important to me, which book acted as a catalyst and started me writing, and indeed, what the I Ching had to do with my grandfather.

There are plenty of other interviews to explore, including one with Ramsey Campbell, whose early experiences with Rupert Bear gave me the chills . . .

This is what creator Phil Treagus has to say about the site, and of course books:

“We all have people we aspire to, people who are leading the way in their area of passion.  Whether they be laugh-a-minute comedians, high flying entrepreneurs or life-changing authors, they all tend to have one thing in common; they read books.  From my experience, it’s extremely rare to find someone who has achieved great success without reading a great amount of books.  But now it’s time for these brilliantly wonderful people to give back, to share their wisdom.  What are the books that changed everything for them?  Which books have had the biggest impact on their success?  Well, I’ve decided to take on the mission of unearthing the world’s most inspiring, life-changing and important books.”