Behind the Book – Mistletoe

Mistletoe was published in hardback on 10th October 2019 by Jo Fletcher Books, an imprint of Quercus.

Signed copies are available from Forbidden Planet.

Mistletoe – a ghost story with glimpses into the Victorian era, bound up with the folklore of mistletoe and the origins of midwinter festivals . . .

From the cover:

Leah thought Maitland Farm could give her a new life – but now old ghosts are dragging her into the past.

Following the tragic deaths of her husband and son, Leah is looking for a new life. Determined to bury her grief in hard work and desperate to escape Christmas and the reminders of what she has lost, she rushes through the purchase of a run-down Yorkshire farmhouse, arriving just as the snow shrouds her new home.

It might look like the loveliest Christmas card, but it’s soon clear it’s not just the house that needs renovation: the land is in bad heart, too. As Leah sets to work, she begins to see visions of the farm’s former occupants – and of the dark secrets that lie at the heart of Maitland Farm.

If Leah is to have a future, she must find a way to lay both her own past and theirs to rest – but the visions are becoming disturbingly real . . .

In the Media:

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“Frightfully good!” Mistletoe is a Halloween pick in the Sunday Express.

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“This chilling slice of ghostly Gothic fiction is the perfect read for the upcoming frosty nights.” Lisa Howells, Heat Magazine.

“The snowy landscape of contemporary Yorkshire adds an extra chill to Alison Littlewood’s spooky ghost story. Before long, echoes of the past start to intrude on Leah’s present as a deceased family seem intent on taking the place of the one she’s lost.” Eithne Farry, Sunday Express.

“The snow’s a-lying heavy on the barren fields and the wind’s a-wuthering through the blighted orchard . . . but Leah’s a stayer, even when she finds herself re-living a 19th century Christmas nightmare in this time-slippy tale of loss, lust, grief . . .” Daily Mail.

“Mourning the deaths of her husband and son, Leah retreats to an isolated Yorkshire farmhouse just as the snow sets in and Christmas approaches. But the former residents make their presence felt, in this super spooky blend of murder mystery and old fashioned wintry ghost story.” The People Magazine.

“Littlewood has created a realistic and fascinating protagonist with whom readers can sympathise. Add to this some exemplary uses of landscape that would make a Bronte proud, and readers will find that Mistletoe is horror as it should be, a classic ghost story for our modern times.” Starburst Magazine

“Mistletoe is the latest offering from Alison Littlewood – a deeply emotive ghost story set in rural Yorkshire, and I think it might be her best yet. As always, the author vividly depicts the landscape of this novel and populates it with characters that speak to the heart. Highly recommended.” Marie O’Regan, Sci-Fi Bulletin

“This is no benevolent past that’s coming back to haunt her . . . You’ll be feeling pretty damn cold in every sense at the end of this creepy number.” Sunday Sport.

“The setting in Mistletoe is sublime . . . You can feel the cold emanating from off the pages and there is some evocative imagery on display with the snow-covered landscape . . . Mistletoe is a terrific ghost story and one that would make for ideal reading on those cold, dark and lonesome winter nights.” The Tattooed Book Geek.

“Littlewood links the whole timeline of events to mistletoe and its appearance in folklore down the years. It is cleverly done and you do start to get into the characters quickly, aided by vivid descriptions of Christmas past… a classic ghostly tale.” Stokie Boy

“The writing is very evocative and this is truly the perfect time of year to read this book. . . . the weather, the looming clouds, the burgeoning snow and the short days all add to the atmosphere because they are particularly well written.  In fact, there are a few ghostly moments contained in these pages that I confess set my pulse racing.” Lynn’s Book Blog

“It is, simply, a delight to read, a horror story but also a beautiful study of a woman very close to the edge, of friendship, loss and courage. Strongly recommended. (This book would definitely make an atmospheric Christmas read – or present – if you’re looking for one). Blue Book Balloon

“WOW! I absolutely loved this book from start to finish . . . This is the first book I have read by Alison Littlewood but after reading this, it definitely won’t be the last. It was well written and absolutely brilliant!” Stressed Rach Blog

“Mistletoe is best savoured in front of a fireplace on a long winter’s night, preferably accompanied by hot punch and mince pies.  However, its delightful brand of spookiness ensures that, like Dickens’ seasonal novels, it can be enjoyed all the year round.” To the End of the Word

“All in all, Mistletoe is a number of things; chilling, atmospheric, evocative . . . Littlewood has written a great novel, and if you enjoy ghost stories and mysteries, this is definitely a book  for you.” Page Turner’s Nook

“With the set up beautifully painted in M R James style, the story of Leah and her past was absolutely riveting.” Nest of Books

“Past and present are strongly bound in this story and this is one of the elements that makes it so enthralling… there’re elements of hope and renewal that are part of the festive season. It was an excellent and fascinating read, highly recommended.” Scrapping and Playing


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