A brief blog with some nice things

Happy New Year!

Here are some lovely recent reviews of anthologies that include my stories. A big thank you to the reviewers, editors, cover artists, publishers and of course readers who are the life blood of this genre!

The Blue Book Balloon has covered the After Sundown anthology, edited by Mark Morris. This is what they had to say about my story, Swanskin:

“I also really enjoyed Swanskin by Alison Littlewood, a chilling take set in a remote coastal town, where the boozy, rollicking behaviour of the town’s men turns out to have a direct link to their abuse of nature and of their womenfolk. But nature can have a way of redressing the balance. Set at some indeterminate time which could be anywhere in the past two hundred years, this one has the feeling of a classic.”

Read the rest of the in-depth review here.

Horla have also covered After Sundown, with these kind words for Swanskin:

“Littlewood’s story is a reminder – if there were any who needed it – that horror has, at times, every right to sit at the top table of ‘literary fiction’. It’s an often beautiful and compelling piece that had me thinking of Daphne du Maurier.”

The full piece is here.

Finally, a review at Ginger Nuts of Horror for Best New Horror #30, edited by Stephen Jones:

“Alison Littlewood’s excellent ‘The Marvellous Talking Machine’ conveys a feeling of dread by depicting a disquieting technical device, while Rio Youers’ very dark and quite enjoyable ‘The Typewriter’ revolves around a haunted typewriter endowed with evil powers.”

Check out the rest of the write-up here.