Black Static featured author

It’s especially nice to be the featured author in Black Static magazine (issue 27) from TTA Press.

I first picked up a copy of the magazine back when I was an aspiring writer of short genre fiction (though it was named ‘The Third Alternative’ back then). I knew at once I would love to have a story in there. I loved the mix of dark, literary fiction, the intelligent and in-depth columns by the likes of Stephen Volk and Christopher Fowler, and the extensive book and DVD reviews.

Several rejections later and I actually had an acceptance, for The Deep Walker, back at the start of 2008. My Black Static journey had begun! That story appeared in issue 7.

Since then I’ve had more stories selected by editor Andy Cox – The Empty Spaces (#16), Black Feathers (#22) and About the Dark (#25), and it’s always been a thrill to see them. Production values are high and the illustrations are beautiful. Black Feathers was also spotted by anthologist Ellen Datlow and is included in her Best Horror of the Year volume 4, along with stories by Stephen King and Peter Straub.

Back in January 2011, I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in a Black Static showcase event, hosted by Waterstone’s Liverpool ONE, organised by Twisted Tales. I read The Empty Spaces and met up with some terrific writers and had a generally great time.

It was after the event, though, that something really important happened, though I didn’t realise it at the time. I got chatting to the terrific Roy Gray, Black Static’s events manager. He asked what I was doing with the novel I’d just written, and when I admitted the answer was ‘getting nowhere’, he suggested I send it in to Jo Fletcher Books. He even emailed her the next day and asked if she’d take a look. Thankfully, the answer was ‘yes’ – and a few months later I had a publisher!! So huge thanks to Roy.

So it’s been a journey – and here I am, the feature author in issue 27, with an interview by non-fiction editor Peter Tennant and book review by Stephen Theaker. Thank you, Black Static – it’s a proud moment!

The current issue information is here.

And for anyone who’s been wondering about my views on everything from jam to vampires to Daniel Craig, the beans are spilt: there’s a more informal ‘getting to know you’ here.

Oh! And I should add that, if you get your mitts on a copy before 12th March, you have the chance to win one of five copies of A Cold Season. Good luck!