Behind the Book: The Unquiet House

The Unquiet House is published by Jo Fletcher Books, an imprint of Quercus, the same publisher as A Cold Season and Path of Needles.

Paperback – 10th April 2014 – Jo Fletcher Books

Ebook – 10th April 2014 – Jo Fletcher Books

Audio CD and download – 1st May 2014 – Whole Story Audiobooks

Signed limited edition hardback – PS Publishing


“Alison is a terrific writer, and this represents her in total command of the material. Plots interconnect across time frames, hauntings are subtle and meaningful, and at the heart of the book is a cloying sense of loss. A wonderful novel from one of the genre’s most interesting writers.’ Gary McMahon, author of The Concrete Grove Trilogy.

“A ghost story, one of my favorite kind of reads, lies within the pages of this delightful novel by Alison Littlewood. I realize there are those who enjoy more gore and graphic action but sometimes you just need the subtleties of a haunted house to creep you out.” Vitina Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews.

“British authors apparently have a special gift for this kind of update on the classic haunted house story . . . Subtle, rich, and deeply evocative.” Paul St John Mackintosh, Teleread.

“By about halfway in I had to start reading the novel by day because it was spoiling my sleep. All of Littlewood’s novels have been good, but this is my favourite.” Stephen Theaker, Black Static.

“Alison Littlewood has a real talent for building atmosphere, loaded with the promise of things to come – hints of dread with the possibility of hope – in this deftly crafted novel where the past resonates through the present.” Keith Brooke, The Guardian

“It’s a haunted house novel by a writer of exceptional skill (I’ve said it before, but it does bear repeating) that stands alongside the greats of the genre: fertile ground worked by the likes of Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson, Stephen King, against whose seminal works Alison Littlewood can hold her head high.” Matt Craig, ReaderDad

“Littlewood has the ability to make you care for the characters – within only a handful of pages. It is a rare talent indeed that can bring a tear to the eye at the fate of a minor character.” Ross Warren, This Is Horror

“The Unquiet House is a superb ghost story, filled with dread and foreboding, but it is also a tragedy in three parts, in which we see how one event can influence the lives of all who are connected to it far into the future.” Mieneke van der Salm, The Fantastical Librarian

“Add to this well-rounded characters who we really come to care about in each of the timelines, plus the detailed research that must have gone into the older eras which gives the story an air of authenticity, and you have a potential modern classic on your hands . . . A novel you won’t want to stay quiet about.” Paul Kane, Sci-Fi Bulletin

“Filled with writing that is assured and stylish, with barely a word wasted . . . this is told with verve by a writer spreading her wings and surely taking off for ever greater success.  I highly recommend it.” Mark West, Strange Tales

“It’s a chilling ride, with some evocative trips back into the recent past that are palpably realistic . . . an extremely well written and engaging spooky tale.” Simon Ball, Horror Hothouse

“The author excels herself here. What Littlewood did with cults and motherhood in her debut, and fairy tales in the darkly fantastic crime fiction which followed it, she pulls off again, incredibly, in this best in class account of a haunted house.” Niall Alexander,

“‘The Unquiet House’ is an excellent poetic literary horror which charts the next chapter in the evolution of Alison Littlewood as one of the most exciting horror authors around.” Upcoming4me

“Alison Littlewood may be compared to many writers with the release of The Unquiet House, as any writer offering a haunted house tale would. But you can rest assured this third novel will set her apart on her own. It’s the type of book that elevates a writer into their own sphere.” Anthony Cowin, the Horrifyingly Horrific Horror Blog

“A well structured horror story that spans almost a century of life. The story has that claustrophobic feel that works so well with ghost stories.” Jeanette Greaves, It Puts the Blog in the Basket

“Mixing elements of modern and traditional horror seamlessly, Alison Littlewood’s latest novel proves she is a writer of undeniable talent that has the ability to engross and unsettle in equal measure.” Paul Holmes, The Eloquent Page

“I read as many ghost stories as I can, and I found this one of the best ghost stories I’ve ever read, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well.” Majanka, I Heart Reading blog

“The plot strands are skilfully woven together, as we learn how Mire House passed down through Emma’s family over the previous century, and the mixed emotions of grief and revenge that have led to its present haunted state.” SFX Magazine

“A great psychological horror in the vein of the late great James Herbert.”  Elder Park Book Reviews.


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