A Cold Season hardback and other new arrivals

Copies of the special limited edition hardback of A Cold Season have landed . . . and they look stunning! I knew they would be lovely, coming from PS Publishing, but I was blown away by just how lovely they are. The artwork by David Gentry really sings, and the production quality is fantastic. I’m especially loving those endpapers! Anyway, I’ll stop drooling over them a moment and post a pic instead:

Next up – I’ve been very lucky recently to have short stories picked for some lovely anthologies, and three have landed in quick succession. The first is Where Are We Going?, edited by Allen Ashley for Eibonvale Press. I probably shouldn’t say it myself, but I really enjoyed reading this – I particularly enjoyed A Guide to Surviving Malabar by Ian Shoebridge, which rather bizarrely made me wish I could visit! My story is The Discord of Being, which is set in Morocco, a country I fell in love with last year.

There’s also a splendiferous anthology from the Inkermen, specialists in gothic and classic horror. It has a very subtle design on a suitably dark cover – it’s difficult to do it justice in a photograph, but it looks splendid in the flesh!

Last but by no means least is Terror Tales of the Cotswolds. I really enjoyed writing my contribution for this, titled In the Quiet and in the Dark, which uses the Rollright Stones as a setting. The book is edited by Paul Finch, writer of the movie The Devil’s Rock, and is published by Gray Friar. I read the first in this series – Terror Tales of the Lake District – and thought then it was a terrific concept for an anthology, with new short fiction interspersed with pieces written about legends from the area. The Cotswolds issue follows that format and includes stories by Gary McMahon, Simon Clark, Joel Lane, Ramsey Campbell and others, all wrapped up in a delightfully attention-grabbing cover by Steve Upham. Happy days!